The Kingdom of Kush

Why does the term Kush have such a negative connotation?

In today’s society, we have been trained to associate the term Kush with stereotypical misrepresentations of black culture and the usage of drugs in our communities.

But why has society painted such a skewed image of such a rich history? Why do these implications that have been implanted in our heads overshadow the history that should be commemorated?

The armies of Kush were untouchable. Known for their power and defensive tactic of using intricate bows and arrows; many tried to conquer but were defeated during their attempts. They stood, unified. At times, there were even Kushite kings who ruled both the Kush empire and Egypt. The Kush empire also gave women more political power. Kings and Queens ruled alongside each other, which was not common during that time. In fact, 7 of the Kush monarchs were women. There were three Kushite kingdoms that dominated Nubia for over 3,000 years. Take a minute and take that in. Imagine a group of people dominating and ruling for over 3,000 years! Think about what that must have taken in order to maintain and continue to grow. They left behind the artwork that tells their tales and brings their stories to life for us. They also left behind over 200 pyramids that were built and left for us to marvel at. The pyramids, unlike the ones in Egypt, were smaller in size and used more so as huge headstones to underground tombs.

Alas, every good thing must come to an end. As aggressors invaded neighboring Egypt throughout the years, the Kush kingdom was always a target. The Kushites were able to steadily ward off enemies; however, they became weaker as the roman empire and others continued to infiltrate around them. The Kush empire eventually fell.

Although their reign ended, their legacy lives on through the pyramids, tombs, and hieroglyphs left behind. We must remember the Black, Bold, Powerful, Majestic Kushites. Their story tells us that we are descendants of royalty and with unity and perseverance, we can accomplish anything.


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