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Who We Are

Who We Are:

How do you know where to go, if you have no reference for where you have been? Knowledge is the key to progression. Imagine if you knew that you were descendants of Kings and Queens? Wouldn’t you carry yourself differently? Wouldn’t your horizons open? No sky would be the limit. Imagine if you knew the power of your people. There would be no bounds to your greatness. Our Black Republic (OBR), is more than a brand. It is a revived lifestyle of the radical assertion of racial equality and empowerment through visual story-telling broadcasted to our people, by our people. OBR represents an unprecedented opportunity for minorities to demonstrate their ability to prosper as citizens and leaders of a modern nation by embracing the stories of the past and letting that be the fuel to drive them forward.

What We Do:

Our Black Republic (OBR)
creates conversation starters. We want our followers to wear the art and exhibit the history. At OBR, we use apparel to bring our History to the forefront by highlighting and bringing attention to important and forgotten stories of black people in the republic so that it’s never forgotten.


Our Mission:

To ignite the flame in each and every one of our followers in this movement to be the best person that they can be and to make an impact by knowing the depth of their history.

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