Are we really progressing or are we still fighting the same fight that our ancestors once did in an altered form?

There is a 163-year difference between these two incidents.

  • Both age 19
  • Both raped throughout their adolescent years
  • Both fought back and killed their predators
  • Both failed by our justice system

Systematic oppression is still something that continues to plague the Black Community until this day. It seems like in a lot of ways, we are still fighting some of the same fights that our ancestors once did back in the day, just in a more modernized way. Take for example these two ladies. Although there is 163 years between both incidents, they are eerily similar in violation, retaliation, and incarceration. Celia was a slave. She was sold to Robert Newsom when she was 14. Celia endured 5 years of sexual assault and rape from Newsom until she finally couldn’t take it anymore. At the age of 19, during yet another attempt to violate her, Celia took a stick and bashed her violators head in killing him. Celia’s case went to an all-white male jury and they found her guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced her to death by way of being hung.

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